Allan Segall’s music has been widely performed throughout the United States and Europe by such distinguished artists as Ralph van Raat, Ilonka Kolthof, Marcel Worms, Amstel Saxophone Quartet, Het Nederlands Fluitkwartet, Anne Veinberg, Petr Karlicek, Avi Avital, Erik Bosgraaf, Annemarie van Prooijen, Augusto Valenca, René Veen, Annelie de Man, Kimball Huigens, John Rautenberg, Jim Fulkerson, Michael Cameron, and Tim Lane.

Segall has collaborated with world-renowned puppeteer, Duda Paiva; film-makers Eric Urlings and Andrew Schloss; and award-winning choreographers Mary O’Donnell, Winifred Haun, and Randy Duncan.

His broadcasts include a guest appearance on Met het Oog Op Morgen (a late night news program on national radio in The Netherlands), and a performance by Het Nederlands Fluitkwartet June 2004 from the Concertgebouw. His work,The Last Cocktail, was performed in August 2019 at Hermitage at the Grachtenfestival in Amsterdam by acclaimed musicians Illonka Kolthof, piccolo and Ralph van Raat, piano. His music theater work,Yenta’s Lied, a portrait of Shetl life between the World Wars will premiere in May 2020 in Amsterdam with noted soprano Persephone Abbott.

His commissions include the Dutch Piccolo Project, Het Nederlands Fluitkwartet; Amstel Saxophone Quartet, Duo 46; The Cleveland Duo; the Joseph Holmes Chicago Dance Theatre; Ciosoni; the New Amsterdam Symphony Orchestra; and the Eau Claire Chamber Orchestra.

Segall was born in Brooklyn, New York, grew up in Denver, Colorado, received his Doctorate of Musical Arts from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and lives and works in Amsterdam. He is married to artist Rob van Veggel.


Prelude in e minor: “Minder bekende grootheden als…Allan Segall leverden sprankelende stukken met rake noten.” Volkskrant 28.01.19

Love Not Me: “an angst-ridden solo ”,New York Times.“strong commissioned piano score”, Chicago Tribune. “strange, haunting, itchy work…” , Chicago Tribune.

Shards of Glass: “substantial new solo piece…” British Flute Society. “beautifully written tonal suite” , American Record Guide

Fantasy for Double Bass: “…concise…combining Jewish and Eastern European influence with the expressionism of Berg…